Grow your business with Appointli.

Your all-in-one digital workplace offering online booking,
e-shop, employee management and more.

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Features To Boost Your Business

  • Online Booking
  • Advanced Calendar
  • E-shop
  • Employee Management
  • Inventory
  • Statistics
  • Notifications
  • Campaigns
  • Reviews
  • Finance
  • Client Database
  • Integrations

Selected Features

Discover Our Key Features

Explore the heart of Appointli's functionality with these key features.


With E-shop, your business can unleash a myriad of possibilities, amplifying your brand identity and addressing the unique needs and preferences of your clientele.

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Advanced Calendar

Designed with businesses in mind, our calendar feature empowers you to stay on top of appointments, manage your team's schedules, and keep your operations running smoothly.

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Focus on your clients

With our client database feature, you can easily store and access client information all in one place. From contact details to appointment history and preferences, you'll have everything you need to deliver exceptional service every time.

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